Richard Oussedik

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Oussedik serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Centric Infrastructure, responsible for the planning and execution of engineering and operational activities across the fiber and gas divisions. Mr. Oussedik also provides executive oversight of the group’s Environmental, Safety and Governance (ESG) and Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) activities.

Prior to joining Centric, Mr. Oussedik worked for Exxon Mobil Corporation for 25 years, holding a wide range of executive positions. During this time he has lived in the UK, Norway and U.S.A, and travelled extensively across Europe, the Middle-East and the Americas. This experience of diverse corporate operations helps Mr. Oussedik to bring a broad perspective to support Centric’s successful growth. 

Mr. Oussedik is a native of the United Kingdom and holds a Bachelor Degree in Materials Engineering from Imperial College, London.

Outside of work, Mr. Oussedik enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, travelling, watch-making and collecting, and cheering on his football team.