Centric Infrastructure Group is a privately held growth entity focused on bringing critical infrastructure to developing markets across Texas.


Rapid Expansion

Centric is rapidly expanding safe, reliable, and affordable natural gas and fiber optic telecommunication services to residential and commercial customers.

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Experienced Capital

Centric Infrastructure Group has a 28-year history of generating value to builders, developers, and consumers by entering new markets quickly, efficiently, and consistently. Through its strategic capital relationship with BlackRock, Centric has sufficient capital and operational resources to pursue a wide range of projects across all major markets in Texas.

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Our Core Values


Centric is committed to a business model of consistent growth and service to our clients by using safe, sustainable, state of the art equipment and installation procedures. Further, Centric, by the very nature of its business, is consistently engaged in continuous education for all of its employees regarding adherence to regulations and requirements as mandated by state law and other professional associations. Additionally, we have empowered all levels of our employees with stop-work authority along with a regular operational and internal review schedule.


We hold ourselves and our employees to the highest level of personal and civic integrity at all times. We are also charged to act in all aspects or dealings following our other values as front of mind at all times.


We make every effort to be approachable and empathetic of the needs and demands of both internal and external stakeholders and employees.


Centric is welcoming and inclusive of people from all backgrounds and walks of life. We mandate training for our employees to foster the continuance of a diverse and robust internal culture.


Centric values, embraces, and creates technological advancements in our various business lines in a conscientious and calculated manner that includes continuous improvements.

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