Centric Infrastructure Group is a privately held growth entity focused on bringing critical infrastructure to developing markets across Texas.


Rapid Expansion

Centric is rapidly expanding safe, reliable, and affordable natural gas and fiber optic telecommunication services to residential and commercial customers.

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Experienced Capital

Centric Infrastructure Group has a 30-year history of generating value to builders, developers, and consumers by entering new markets quickly, efficiently, and consistently. Through its strategic capital relationship with BlackRock, Centric has sufficient capital and operational resources to pursue a wide range of projects across all major markets in Texas.

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Our Core Values

Safety & Environment

Centric believes that all safety and environmental incidents are preventable. No task or deadline will ever be more important than the safety of our team and customers.

Humility & Gratitude

Centric is humble, respectful, and grateful - we treat others with respect and make the most out of the opportunities with which we have been blessed.

Integrity & Accountability

Centric does the right thing, every time - we are accountable for our actions, we earn trust & respect, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics and honesty.

Innovation & Risk-Taking

Centric is ever-evolving and challenges conventional wisdom to pioneer "new and improved" risk-mitigated methodologies to unlock additional value.

Personal Development

Centric thrives on the pursuit of personal excellence, and mentorship is highly regarded and rewarded.

Teamwork & Diversity

Centric collaborates and works harmoniously to outperform our peers, and we emphasize the importance of recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce.

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